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General Academic Information New

bull_gr    Brochure of the School of Law http://www.mec.es/univ/comun/img/pdfsmall.gif

bull_gr    Guide for Erasmus Students, Law School 2008/2009 http://www.mec.es/univ/comun/img/pdfsmall.gif

      (The new Guide, 2009/2010, will be available by the end of July 2009)  

bull_gr    Complete Programme of the graduate courses offered in English http://www.mec.es/univ/comun/img/pdfsmall.gif

      (Provisional Programme. The final version will be available by the end of July 2009)

Diplomas for Foreign Graduate Students

bull_gr    Diploma in International and European Union Law for foreign students http://www.mec.es/univ/comun/img/pdfsmall.gif

bull_gr    Diploma in Spanish Law for foreign students http://www.mec.es/univ/comun/img/pdfsmall.gif

bull_gr    Forms for the diplomas http://www.mec.es/univ/comun/img/pdfsmall.gif

Practical Information

For information dealing with accommodation/housing, getting to Bilbao, etc., please check Practical Information on Summer and Intensive Programmes Section.

-    Graduate Studies

Graduate Courses/Subjects in English

bull_gr    European Union Law Enlace WEB

bull_gr    Introduction to US Law Enlace WEB

bull_gr    International Trade Law Enlace WEB

bull_gr    Political Dimension of the European Union

bull_gr    Private International Law Enlace WEB

bull_gr    European Contracts

bull_gr    Law and Bioethics

bull_gr    Public International Law

Graduate Courses/Subjects in Spanish

bull_gr    Derecho Comunitario

bull_gr    Derecho Constitucional Comparado Enlace WEB

bull_gr    Derecho Constitucional I Enlace WEB

bull_gr    Derecho del Comercio Internacional Enlace WEB

bull_gr    Derecho Internacional Privado Enlace WEB

bull_gr    Espacio Judicial Europeo Enlace WEB

bull_gr    Practicum – Derecho Internacional Privado

bull_gr    Entorno Internacional de la Empresa Enlace WEB

bull_gr    Derecho Marítimo Enlace WEB

bull_gr    Doctorado Enlace WEB

bull_gr    Curso de Adaptación Pedagógica Enlace WEB

bull_gr    Introducción al Derecho Penal y Procesal Penal Español Enlace WEB

-    LLM & Postgraduate Studies

European Trade and Conflict of Laws

bull_gr    Degree: Specialization Diploma, issued by the University of Deusto

bull_gr    Duration: 1 Semester (University of Deusto, Spain)

bull_gr    Admission Requirements: Bachelor in Law or a First Cycle Degree (B.A.)

bull_gr    Start: September 2009

bull_gr    Draft Brochure http://www.mec.es/univ/comun/img/pdfsmall.gif

bull_gr    Final Deadline for applications: July 15th 2009

International Business Law

bull_gr    Degree: Master of Laws (LLM), issued by Tilburg University

bull_gr    Duration: 2 Semesters / 1 Year (University of Deusto, Spain / University of Tilburg, Netherlands)

bull_gr    Special Agreement with Tilburg University: Successful Students of the European Trade and Conflict of Laws Spec. Diploma (Deusto) will be recognized one semester at this LLM Programme (Tilburg). As a result, they will need to study only one more Semester at Tilburg University to get the Official One Year LLM Degree.

European Master in Transnational Trade Law and Finance (EMTTLF)

bull_gr    Degree: Erasmus Mundus Master / Multiple LLM Programme

bull_gr    Duration: 4 Semesters / 2 Years (Deusto, Tilburg, and then ILF or Strasbourg)

bull_gr    Admission Requirements: please, check the official page of the EMTTLF.


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Programas Intensivos y de Verano


-    Ph.D. Programmes

Deusto Ph.D. Programme

bull_gr    Name: Programa Fundamentos del Derecho, D. Económico y D. de la Empresa.

bull_gr    Duration: 1 Semester

bull_gr    Admission Requirements: LLM

bull_gr    Language: Spanish

bull_gr    More Information: Deusto Law School website

EMTTLF Ph.D. Programme (English)

bull_gr    Name: EMTTLF Ph.D. Programme

bull_gr    Duration: 1 Semester

bull_gr    Admission Requirements: part of the EMTTLF Programme

bull_gr    Language: English / French

bull_gr    More Information: EMTTLF website


bull_gr Description

The “Association of Transnational Law Schools” (ATLAS) is a consortium of institutions of higher education from around the world dedicated to the intellectual formation of highly talented doctoral students and fostering reflection and research on issues broadly related, but not limited, to comparative legal and regulatory responses to various forces of globalization, international governance challenges and the evolution of transnational law.

The partner institutions are: London School of Economics and Political Science, New York University, Osgoode Hall Law School of York University (Toronto), University of Cape Town, Universidad de Deusto (Bilbao), University of Melbourne, and Université de Montréal.  

The study of Law, Change and Regulatory Challenges in the Contemporary World is the overarching theme for this collaboration of these seven world's leading law schools.

ATLAS aspires to make a major contribution to research and scholarship through cooperative learning opportunities that result in:

bull_gr    Outstanding doctoral dissertations and resulting publications;

bull_gr    The opening up of new frontiers of analysis, study and empirical research;

bull_gr    Fostering transnational communities of doctoral candidates and doctors; and

bull_gr    Sought-after graduates who will shape the directions of legal scholarship and legal education in generations to come.

The working language of ATLAS administration and teaching is English.

bull_gr Admission Requirements and Information

This is a Programme for Deusto Ph.D. Candidates. For more information, please send an email to law@deusto.es (Subj: “ATLAS”).

-    Summer Courses and Intensive Programmes

Please, visit the Summer and Intensive Programmes Section (click on the logo below)

-    Further information and contact details

Academic Direction

Prof. María Pilar Canedo

Trans-Law Director & Vice-Dean for International Relations


Ms. Iratxe San Miguel

Office of the Dean

Postal Address

School of Law - University of Deusto

Avda. de las Universidades 24, E-48007 Bilbao (Spain)

Phone: +34 94 413 90 55 - Fax: +34 94 413 90 99

Email: law@deusto.es - Web: www.transnational.deusto.es

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