The European Master in Transnational Trade Law and Finance (EMTTLF) is a flexible, semester-based, international, multi-site Programme that offers:

image019    A formative, problem-oriented, multidisciplinary itinerary with the most advanced competencies of technical and procedural analysis and judicial and economic rationality.

image019    An innovative itinerary in Transnational Trade Law, which aims to develop high level professional competencies and analytical skills, offering a professional and a research track.

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This Master aims are:

image019    To directly respond to this increasing internationalization; to teach international trade law and finance, understood from various perspectives and dimensions; to develop a Programme which dissects the relevant juridical questions arising from international transactions.

image019    To promote the interdisciplinary and multicultural facets of the Programme, attempting to provide the students with a diversity of working contexts. The students will be pursuing their graduate studies through three distinct but complementary cultural environments: Track 1: Deusto (Spain), Tilburg (The Netherlands), ILF (Germany) or Track 2: Deusto (Spain), Tilburg (The Netherlands), Strasbourg (France).

image019    To equip the learner with the fundamental tools, at an advanced level, to approach complex realities providing them with competencies and all the necessary elements needed to critically analyze a commercial conflict form a European perspective (First Semester) or from an International perspective  (Second Semester).

image019    To provide three areas of specialization: Intellectual and Industrial Property (pertinent to management and innovation); Finance (related to bank and finance); and finally, European Business Law (oriented towards a broader training in European business trade).

image019    To offer possibilities to students who wish to either take the internship and professional track or the research track.

image019    To acquire a transnational perspective. The Programme will have an impact on the continuous formation of the executive and management board of business enterprises. The pertinent benefits will optimize business results, the opening up of companies to the emerging markets, and the maximization of competitive advantages.

image019    To focus on a problem-based approach developed by these educational institutions rather than on a traditional methodology.

image019    To adopt a student-centered approach where she/he is the focal point of learning and will therefore be equipped with the skills to progress independently.

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