General Description

This Master Program contains 120 ECTS credits that the students will follow in two academic years and in three of the four participating institutions. Courses run from mid-September/October to mid-February (1
st semester) and from mid-February to June/July (2nd semester). At the Institute for Law and Finance (ILF), courses will take place from October to July.


Please, note that the starting/ending dates indicated in this chart are estimative. The exact schedule of each edition will be punctually notified. Students that have to perform the internship will do it, as a general rule, during the 4th semester (along with their regular courses). However, they can be authorized by the academic direction to perform the intership during another period.

The Programme offers one year of core courses, which provide the fundamental competencies at an advanced level, needed to be able to confront trans-national trade cases. The itinerary is built in a complementary manner starting with the University of Deusto that will focus on the European set up, and moving forward to a more comparative and worldwide approach in the case of Tilburg.

For the second year three specialization areas offered: Law and Finances in the Institute of Law and Finance in Frankfurt University and European Business Law and Industrial and Intellectual Property in the Robert Schuman Strasbourg University.

The Programme presents therefore two important elements:
image019    The core courses that must be followed by all the students. This part of the Master offers every European or non-European student the necessary tools for the analysis of Trans-national trade operations.
image019    The specialization in which the students can choose and the professional or research path.
In addition, students will also be informed about available linguistic and/or other thematic courses at their disposal in the host centers.

Courses designed to develop the work methodology and key elements at an advanced level in Transnational Trade Law and Finance.

1st Semester:
Private International European Union Law
University of Deusto
From September to February. Language of instruction:
According to the different needs of the students the Master Programme offers the possibility of following several relevant courses:
image019    Introduction to the Main Elements of International Trade and Commerce and International Organizations
image019    European Competition Law and Economic Regulation
image019    Judicial Cooperation within the European Union
image019    Contracts and Law applicable to Contractual Obligations
image019    Arbitration and Alternative Methods of Solving Conflicts in the European Union

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2nd Semester:
International sources for Transnational Trade Law
Tilburg University
From mid February to the end of June. Language of instruction:
image019    International Business Law I
image019    International Business Law II
image019    International Commercial Law
image019    International Company Law
image019    Advanced International Competition Law And Economic Regulation

This year gives the students the possibility of deepening their knowledge in three different fields of study: European Business Law, Law and Finance, and Industrial and Intellectual Property.
The students, that will be able to choose between the professional and research path, will be divided into three groups (one at the Institute for Law and Finance, and two at the Robert Schuman University). During the second year, students will have the opportunity to take other courses related with her/his specialization offered by the institutions.

3rd Semester
: Options
Option 1. Specialization In Law And Finance. Institute for Law and Finance
Language of instruction: English
image019    Law of Corporate Finance
image019    Law of Acquisition and Project Finance
image019    The Regulation and Supervision of the Single Financial Market
image019    Commercial Banking
image019    Law of Central Banks
image019    Monetary Policy and Financial Regulation
image019    Fundamentals of Finance
image019    Financial Intermediation and Risk Management
image019    Financial Markets and Institutions
image019    Law of Investment Banking
Option 2. Specialization In European Business Law. Robert Schuman University
Language of instruction: Mostly French
image019    Droit comparé des affaires
image019    Droit bancaire européen
image019    Droit européen des marches financiers
image019    Droit pénal européen des affaires
image019    Droit social européen
image019    Approche globale du patrimoine. Audit et diagnostic patrimonial
image019    Gestion de patrimoine professionnel et fiscalité
Option 3. Specialization In Industrial And Intellectual Property. Robert Schuman University
Language of instruction: Mostly French
image019    Droit international de la propriété intellectuelle
image019    Droit des brevets
image019    Méthodes commerciales et financières
image019    Droit des dessins et modèles industriels
image019    Droit des technologies

_MG_0844Photo aeĢrienne campus Esplanade-1 strasbourg

4th Semester:
Option 1, 2, 3 Courses + Research/internship
The 4th Semester will include regular specialization courses as well as the development of an internship or a master thesis. According to prior experience and future professional paths, master’s students will be able to choose the balance between two elements.
The research component aims at professionals able to:
image019    Elaborate innovative solutions to the problems.
image019    Approach reality with creative thinking.
image019    Analyze data and assess results.
The internship component aims at providing a job-oriented track containing a professional and training element, being able to:
image019    To carry out work on particular items on the current and future work programmes.
image019    To prepare and take part in the various meetings organized by the international Organizations and conferences.
image019    To carry out preparatory work on documentary research and reporting.