At the end of the Programme, professionals will have the ability to:

Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of:

image019    High level technical knowledge of issues related to the implications of Transnational trade law with reference to the main problem sources and procedures to avoid or seek solutions.
image019    Advanced knowledge of the main legal sources of jurisdiction, applicable law and enforcement of judgments and arbitral awards in the fields of international trade.
image019    The main legal and financial tools that could be relevant for a company trying to operate in a transactional market.
image019    A global vision to international trade law and the relevance of different cultural perspectives.

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Apply their knowledge to practice being able to:

image019    Identify and apply all the legal sources of relevance in a concrete situation.
image019    Apply knowledge and understanding, solving problems in new or unfamiliar environments within broader (or multidisciplinary) context, related to the fields of international trade.
image019    Negotiate ways of solving international trade conflicts avoiding disputes.
image019    Create new and imaginative solutions by approaching a problem from different perspectives.
image019    Identify the relevant legal (including procedural) issues from a large body of unstructured facts.

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Integrate knowledge, handle complexity and formulate judgments being able to:

image019    Reach sound legal conclusions even with incomplete or limited information.
image019    Analyze complex situations related to trade law in a Transnational context, being able to identify key elements or issues.
image019    Identify relevant and irrelevant facts, being able to formulate, on solid grounds, significant arguments in favor and against every one of the different possible solutions to every situation or conflict that an international business or contract may imply.
image019    Decide whether factual circumstances are sufficiently elucidated for adopting a decision founded in law.
image019    Recognize the relevance of legal and financial aspects, as well as ethical and social responsibilities.


image019    Capacity to communicate their knowledge, ideas, conclusions as well as the rationale underpinning the same to clients, colleagues, judges, arbitrators and society in general.
image019    Work with others towards common goals, accepting responsibility and facilitating others in reaching general objectives.
image019    Work independently, conduct academic legal and financial research and convey arguments clearly and precisely in oral and written form, including writing academic rigorous reports.

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Continue learning:

image019    Have the ability to learn from experience and incorporate further knowledge in a progressive self-directed and autonomous way.