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The information contained here is relevant for you only for two kind of situations:

1.- You are a NON-UD student and you have arranged your travel by yourself.

2.- You are a UD Student and you wish the recognition of credits.

IP-2008 Secretariat

1.- NON-UD Students who have arranged the travel by themselves

If you are an IP participant coming from an University outside Spain and you have arranged your travel by yourself, we would need you to fill in the Form no. 1 Documento word and then hand it over together with invoices and boarding passes personally in our secretary, once in Bilbao.


2.- UD Students who wish the recognition of credits

Deusto University ordinary students will have to fill in Form no. 2 Documento word and give it to us in the Office of the Dean if you want to have recognition of credits.


Please, complete this administrative task as soon as possible.


IP-2008 Secretariat



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