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General  Problems of Transnational Law and its Implications for the Companies in International Trade

17-26 September 2007

University of Deusto, Bilbao (Spain)


Preliminars: what it is an IP?

Basic Information

Website content

FAQ (Frequent Asked Questions)

Preliminars: what it is an IP?

What is an IP?

IP is the abbreviation of Intensive Programme. Following the definition of the European Commission, an Erasmus Intensive Programme (like this one) is a short programme of study which brings together students and staff from universities in different participating countries in order to:

-          encourage efficient and multinational teaching of specialist topics which might otherwise not be taught at all, or only in a very restricted number of universities;

-          enable students and teachers to work together in multinational groups and so benefit from special learning and teaching conditions not available in a single institution, and to gain new perspectives on the topic being studied;

-         allow members of the teaching staff to exchange views on teaching content and new curricula approaches and to test teaching methods in an international classroom environment.

Trans-Law IP

This Intensive Programme has the following title “Recent Developments and Challenges of Transnational Law” and is planned to have three consecutive editions (2007-2009).

For the first one, the Academic Direction has developed a course dealing with the General  Problems of Transnational Law and its Implications for the Companies in International Trade.

The teaching methodology will combine lectures and discussions in the morning, with group dynamics of workshops (undergraduate-) and the preparation of a Moot Court (postgraduate students) in the afternoon.

The academic staff of this Programme is integrated by Professors and Lecturers of 14 leading European universities as well as prestigious legal professionals and members of local, national and international institutions.

Basic information

Name of the course

“General  Problems of Transnational Law and its Implications for the Companies in International Trade” (Promotional poster  & General Program )


17-26 September 2007

Host Institution and Venue

Faculty of Law, University of Deusto, Bilbao (Spain)

Opening of the Course and Distinguished lecture: Auditorium

General Presentation of the IP: Room E-106 (ESIDE Building)

Lectures (under- and postgraduates): Room 161 (Faculty of Law)

Afternoon activities:

- Undergraduates:  Room E-106 (ESIDE Building)

- Postgraduates: Room: E-112 (ESIDE Building)

Nature of the course

Intensive Programme for under- and graduate students

Credit recognition

5 ECTS, issued by the University of Deusto

Granting Institutions

European Commission (Socrates Programme) & University of Deusto (Faculty of Law)


Dra. María Pilar Canedo Arrillaga

Vice-Dean of International Relations


Luis Gordillo


Website Content


Welcome and brief presentation of the IP-2007 web page.

IP Main Page

Preliminars: what it is an IP?

Basic Information

Website content

FAQ (Frequent Asked Questions)

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do I get to the “Colegio Mayor Deusto”?

Just take the Airport Bus (1,25 €, aprox./it departs each 20 minutes, aprox.) to Plaza de Moyúa (second stop: “Gran Vía”) and then walk/take a taxi (5 €, aprox.)/ or a bus (No. 18 direction – San Ignacio, and stop just after the Deusto Bridge).  Check Practical Information.

Is the “Colegio Mayor Deusto” open 24h?

Yes, and there is always someone at the reception desk. Check Practical Information.

Do I have to share room? Do I need to bring my own sheets/blanket/towel?

No, all of them are single rooms and you have your own WC, washbowl and shower. Do not bring any bedclothes nor towels, you will be provided at your room. Check Practical Information.

Is there Internet connection?

Yes, at the “Colegio Mayor Deusto” you have free high-speed LAN/wifi internet connection. There is also a computer room there (with printers) and at the Faculty of  Law. Check Practical Information.


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