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General  Problems of Transnational Law and its

Implications for the Companies in International Trade

Second Edition

17-26 September 2008

University of Deusto, Bilbao (Spain)


Programme Director Welcome

Welcome to the web page of the Trans-Law Intensive Programme (IP 2008).

This page is addressed to all the registered IP- (as well as prospective-) participants. Here you will find academic, administrative and practical information about this event.

This web site is divided into four Sections. In the General Information section you will find basic information about the IP, a brief summary of the IP web site content and a useful FAQ sub-section. In the Practical information Section you will find all the information you need to get to your accommodation as well as other interesting information we considered. The Academic information page is dedicated to host the specific schedule of the IP, reading materials, lectures information, etc. There is also an Administrative Meeting Section, exclusively addressed to Erasmus Coordinators and university representatives and administrators, which contains information dealing with the administrative meeting. Finally, there is a Participants where you can find to which group you belong to, as well as an IP Forms sub-site, which contains official forms you may have to fill.

We will like to thank you the European Commission for its financial as, our academic partners in the Deusto Law Network (all of them European leading universities) as well as other local, national and international institutions for their personal, academic and professional support in the implementation of this project.

Use the left panel menu to navigate through different Sections.

This web is still under construction, please check this page regularly. You can also visit last year’s edition (IP 2007).

Enjoy your visit!

Prof. María Pilar Canedo

Program Director


Updated: 24th September 2008




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