Meeting of ‘Deusto Law Network’
Dates, discussion topics and co-ordination
The Administrative meeting will take place on Monday, the 10th September at 15.30 (expected end: 17.30) at the Office of the Dean (Faculty of Law).
The discussion topics proposed are:

  1. Analysis of the situation of the Network.
  2. Mobility of students.
  3. Mobility of professors.
  4. Future cooperation activities.
  5. Future of the IP programme.
  6. Discussion about methodologies for the development of cometences in the field of Law.

The meeting will be co-ordinated by:

Prof. Julia González

Vice-Rector of International Relations
University of Deusto

Prof. Maria Canedo
Vice Dean for International Relations

Prof. Beatriz Salaverri

Erasmus coordinator
Faculty of Law (University of Deusto)