The address of the Hall of Residence is:
Colegio Mayor Deusto
Barrio Ugasco, 7, 48014 Bilbao (Check in google maps).

By plane. From Bilbao Airport.

Bilbao Airport (which international code is BIO) is also known as Sondika Airport, Loiu Airport or simply “La Paloma”.
After taking your baggage at the Airport Terminal, follow the EXIT indications. Once outside, you have two options: you can take a taxi OR the Airport bus.
-        Taxi. The taxi fare from the Airport to the Colegio Mayor Deusto (remember the address: Barrio Ugasco, 7, 48014 Bilbao) could be up to 25€ (normally, it is 20€). You will see the taxi stop after the Exit doors.
-        Airport Bus. It is a good option. The ticket bus is 1,25 €. If you want to take the Bus, after crossing the Terminal Exit doors, go ahead, cross the street (where taxis park), go downstairs and turn on your right. At the end of this little sidewalk, you will find the bus stop (there is a yellow roof next to the stop). This bus departs from the Airport each 20/30 minutes. For more information about the time table, click here (pdf file). Get off the bus at the second stop (Gran Vía: Gobierno Civil/Subdelegación del Gobierno). It is near “Plaza de Moyúa”. Then you can:
a) Take a taxi at “Plaza de Moyúa” (5€, aprox.), the taxi stop is near Hotel Carlton;
b) Walk till the Colegio Mayor. Check this map for more indications;
c) You can also try the Metro to get to Deusto neighbourhood, and then walk till the Colegio Mayor. If you choose this option, take the Metro at Plaza the Moyúa and get off at “Deusto” Station. Check this map for more indications.
By bus. From Bilbao Termibus (Bus Station).
You can take a taxi (10 €, aprox.), the tramway (get off at “Abandoibarra”, near Zubiarte Commercial Center) or the Metro (get off at “Deusto” Station).

By train. From RENFE Bilbao-Abando (Train Station).

You can take a taxi (10 €, aprox.), the tramway (take it at C/ Navarra -“Abando” Stop- and get off at “Abandoibarra”, near Zubiarte Commercial Center) or the Metro (inside the Train Station, take the Metro at “Abando” Station and get off at “Deusto” Station).

By road (car).

Check the Mayorhood web page ( . Select English / Tourism / How to get There / By road. You will need a Street Map. Check “Information about the city of Bilbao” Section.