Participation in IP 2008 is open to students of law and related fields, lawyers and other legal practitioners. During the IP, participants will be divided into under- and postgraduates in order to develop certain activities. The number of places being limited, admission is based on merit.


Enrolment Fee
There is an enrolment fee of 360, payable on acceptance of admission.
This fee covers tuition and the issue of a diploma (only to successful participants) or an attendance certificate. This fee does not include accommodation costs nor travel expenses. However, selected applicants will be assisted to find accommodation in the Deusto Hall of Residence. In the event of cancellation, 75 per cent of the enrolment fee will be reimbursed.
Enrolment Fee is waived for students in receipt of a scholarship (check the next sub-section).

Grants and scholarships

Since this programme is partially granted by the European Commission and the Spanish National Agency (OAPEE), a certain number of scholarships are awarded to students from the participating universities (see Basic Information). Each university will dispose of a limited number of scholarships. The selection process and decisions on scholarships are at the discretion of the each participating university are based on need and merit.
The amount of the scholarships is limited. However, last year’s grants and other funds raised by the School of Law permitted to cover accommodation costs (room and meals) and the travel expenses of the participants. Enrolment Fee is waived for students in receipt of a scholarship.



  • Applicants coming from one of the participant universities and willing to apply for a scholarship have to contact their own institution (usually, the responsible of international relations at the School of Law/University or the Erasmus Coordinator).
  • Other applicants (including those from the University of Deusto) must send and email to the IP Secretariat stating their interest to participate in this program and attaching a CV, Europass model, in word format (IP Secretariat Email: Please write in the Subject Box “IP 2009 Application”). Applications must be written in English, and will be considered only when all requested information is supplied.
Deadline for applications: 2nd September 2009, 0:00 GMT.

Recognition of ECTS credits

This course implies the recognition of 5 ECTS credits to all the successful participants, having completed all the activities and having attended all the lectures. The assessment will be made by the Academic Direction of the IP.
The School of Law of the University of Deusto will issue a diploma and a diploma supplement to all the registered and successful participants. Alternatively, a certificate of attendance will be issued at the end of the IP to any participant on demand.
For the transfer of those ECTS credits to the student file, economic, administrative and academic issues must be dealt with each home university.