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Practical Information

Subject Name: Introduction to US Law

Year Term: 2010/2011, Fall Semester


Leslie Newman, Professor of Law, Cardozo Law School (New York)

Contact person in Deusto: María Pilar Canedo


Venue: Video conference room (ESIDE), Mondays from 14.00 to 17.00 (Spanish time).

Changes on venue/time will be notified by email.


Declaration of Independence

July 4th 1776


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-  Instructions/Assignments

bull_gr   Assignment 1 pdfsmall 

bull_gr   Assignment 2 pdfsmall 

bull_gr   Assignment 3 pdfsmall

bull_gr   Assignment 4 pdfsmall 

bull_gr   Assignment 5 pdfsmall 

bull_gr   Exercise: Hierarchy of Authorities pdfsmall 

bull_gr   Comparative Research Exercise - Fact pattern pdfsmall 

bull_gr   Assignment 6 pdfsmall 

bull_gr   Assignment 7 pdfsmall New


-  Materials

bull_gr    Kelly v. Gwinnell pdfsmall 

bull_gr    The Common Law pdfsmall 

bull_gr    Case Process Flow Chart pdfsmall 

bull_gr    List of Key Terms for Class #1 Documento word 

bull_gr    List of Key Terms for Classes #1 and 2 Documento word 

bull_gr    Barrett v. Southern Pacific Railroad case pdfsmall 

bull_gr    Case Briefing Exercises pdfsmall 

bull_gr    Guidelines for Email communications pdfsmall 

bull_gr    Bullfighting (‘The New York Times’) pdfsmall 

bull_gr    Guidelines for Case Briefing pdfsmall 

bull_gr    Common Law vs. Civil Law. Comparisons pdfsmall 

bull_gr    Current Supreme Court Docket pdfsmall 

bull_gr    The Influence of a Raconteur pdfsmall 

bull_gr    Statutory Cases: Filmore and others pdfsmall 

bull_gr   Law School Plagiarism pdfsmall 

bull_gr   Plagiarism pdfsmall 

bull_gr   Legal Research Lecture - ppt pdfsmall

bull_gr    Canons of Construction pdfsmall 

bull_gr    Statutory Cases: Filmore and others pdfsmall 

bull_gr    Theories of Statutory Interpretation: Holy Trinity Case pdfsmall

bull_gr    Notes On Law School Exams (2008) pdfsmall 

bull_gr    How to Answer Law School Exam Questions (2010) pdfsmall 

bull_gr    Final Exam example (2008) Documento word 

bull_gr    Notes on Elements of Law Exam (June 2008) Documento word 

bull_gr    Notes Documento word 

bull_gr    Practice Exam Session – Slides pdfsmall 

bull_gr    Glossary pdfsmall New

bull_gr    Selective Service Hypothetical pdfsmall New

bull_gr    Torts Outline Documento word New

bull_gr    Constitutional Law Outline Documento word New

bull_gr    Criminal Law Outline Documento word New

bull_gr    Criminal Procedure Outline Documento word New

bull_gr    Evidence Outline Documento word New

bull_gr    New York Practice Outline Documento word New

bull_gr    Outline for Contracts Documento word New

bull_gr    Property Outline Documento word New


-  Course Syllabus

Required Readings

bull_gr Arthur T. VON MEHREN & Peter L. MURRAY, Law in the United States, 2nd ed., CUP, 2007.

bull_gr The Constitution of the United States  Enlace WEB


Syllabus pdfsmall 









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